Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Recap

This weekend started off with lots of walking and exploring Salt Lake City with friends. We saw some galleries, ate some food, had some drinks, road the train around. I loved it - We haven't had a night like that since we lived in LA. Then we spent the next day with family, which was also fun. And Sunday was a very lazy day. I napped in the middle of the day and finally got around to making more labels and going through my awesome stash of old rick-rack.


  1. Lorena, You post some great photos! I love to see the project you've been working on. Glad you had a great weekend... and here's to a creative week! ~Alicia

  2. @Alicia Hayes

    Thanks, Alicia! Hope you have a creative week as well :)

  3. Hey Lorena,

    How do you make your labels? They're very cute!

  4. @Suzanne Beaubien

    Thanks! they're really easy. Here's the video: