Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sweater Revamp

I have been looking for a mustard-colored cardigan for months. They do exist, but they exist online for $60 and that's just not my style. After keeping an eye out for a while, I saw this perfect sweater from H&M at my local thrift store. Not only is it mustard colored, it's also got stripes - another of my current favorites. But it's not a cardigan. It's a pullover sweater, which I don't do well.

So it's time to cut it up and get that much closer to my dreams. I saw a tutorial for this a few weeks ago but I can't find it anymore. Turns out, there are tons all over the web.

The sweater.

I cut it up the middle. No need for a ruler; eyeballing it turned out alright.

Got my very old bias tape out, opened it up and pinned/stitched one edge to the right side (of the fabric) of one of the sweater's new openings.

I then turned the bias tape to the inside, folding it again and creating a new edge for the sweater's opening.

There you have it. And, no, I didn't wear stripes with stripes that day - this photo is purely for educational purposes.


  1. I like the stripes on stripes!

  2. @lizajane

    hah i sorta do too. just not sure how obnoxious it is to others.

  3. I love this one, and I'm with lizajane--I love the stripes with stripes!

  4. @Amber
    i guess i'm going to have to whip out stripes on stripes then!

  5. Yes, stripes on stripes looks great on you :) Love how this sweater turned out, wonderful job!