Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Site Design

For a graphic designer (or at least me), redesigning your own portfolio is just about the hardest thing to do. How do you choose to represent yourself? Do you want to look trendy and cool or buck the trends and do something ugly or weird? Do you make something unlike the rest of your work or pay no attention at all to the design and let your work speak for itself? Or do you just use one of the million template sites out there for designers?

So you can see, now, how it's big news that I redesigned my website and it actually made it's way online. It's the other side of Elloh Handmade: Elloh Design. Where it all started. I'm hoping to keep up the textile design and illustration and get some new clients/work, but this is simply just a show-and-tell :)


  1. Oh yes! Designing anything for yourself is so hard and takes forever, probably because as designers I think we tend to over analyze. ;) I designed mine a little over a year ago (it needs to be updated badly at this point), but I've already redesigned it a zillion or so times in my head. Often times, we're our worst critics.

    Anyway, yours looks great! Simple and clean works best for design portfolios, IMO.

  2. @Ashley

    Yes, I find it easiest to design something decent and put it online and walk away and never think twice until you really feel it's ready for a facelift.