Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Drafting a Pattern Day 1

So I don't know if you remember this first shirt I designed without a pattern. I was really excited about upcycling the skirt and making the top half and sleeves out of sheer black fabric. That shirt I just went nuts with and didn't do a muslin for. Which resulted in 8 hours of work.

This time I decided to take about 4-5 measurements and draft my own pattern FIRST and make it out of muslin before I try and tear into some fabric. It took me 3 hours to get a muslin version that fit well and about 30-45 minutes to make the actual shirt. The top has four pieces since I knew I'd be using a gauzy voile-like material: front, back, front facing, and back facing. This makes it less sheer at the top. I left the bottom loose and billowy since I wanted to add gathers.

Sewing front and back together on the right side.

Finished top half with facings - muslin is a little too thick for two facings, but it worked well.

Cutting up the bottom part which I keep calling the "skirt" in my head. I originally had a parallelogram going on but that resulted in a HUGE triangle once I put it on.

Gathering the bottom half.

Preparing to sew the bottom to the top.


Starting to cut into my fabric that I'd been saving just for this project for a month. Now here's the sad part. Yes, I made my own pattern. Yes, I made a muslin first (even ran out of muslin). So, yes, I should have known just how much fabric I needed. But I didn't. I was missing about a yard and a half to finish with this fabric.

So here's the replacement fabric. Two and a half yards of a very similar voile-like material. I wasn't sure about it at first but I chose it because it was the closest to the original fabric.

I'll have the big reveal tomorrow!


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