Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Bright Blue Shirt

I've been working through my stash of fabric saved just for shirts/skirts/etc. Here's a simple shirt made from a pattern from the 80's.

I really like the little "tuck" in the front and back. It's a good way to make a simple shirt just a little different. I used an obviously very blue woven material that's lightweight but heavy at the same time. I don't know how else to explain it.

I also had to add 4.5 inches to the bust (not bragging) but keep the hip measurement the same. I probably did it in a very lazy way but I moved the pattern away from the fold 1 1/8 inches while setting it up to cut, then angled it so the bottom still hit the fold. Turned out alright. I had to take it in an inch on each side around the hip, still. Only thing that turned out not so much like it should have is the neckline - it came out too wide from adding the inches. So next time, I'm going to make sure to bring the neck in to the original position as well as the hips.

This shirt also came with a front/back facing for the neckline but that didn't quite work with my material, so I just hemmed the neckline.

All in all - success!

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