Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Third Version of My Tank Top

I'm still doing my de-stash project (not to be confused with de-stache) so I'm still going through my fabric supplies and figuring out how to use the weird (too small) pieces of fabric I put aside for clothing. You may  remember the tank pattern I drafted and the second, wacky version I made. I took the pattern and made a third version with two different halves: navy blue top and facing and stripes for the bottom.

It still droops a bit on the left shoulder and I promised to fix that last time but it was too long in between sewing sessions, so I forgot. But I WILL try and do that this week when I make two more versions. Also, I know it bunches a lot (on this version) around the arm pits....I'll have to work on a new version for cotton instead of voile.

Check out that nice stripe job, eh? Seems pretty pro right? I wasn't even going to pay attention to the stripes until Jake's mom reminded me about them. And I would have worn it anyway. That's just me. But I'm very happy about how good they look.

I have four more shirts to make (two of mine, two of the 80's pattern) before I can move on to the full yardages of fabric I have saved for clothing. Lots of work ahead.


  1. Look at those perfectly matching stripes! I'm so impressed with how organized you are about sewing, too. I've nominated you for a blog award if you want to check it out. No need to play if you don't want to! Just wanted to let you know I enjoy reading your blog.

  2. @lizajane

    Thanks for the nomination! I'll have to think of something neat to do for my seven..or just answer the questions :)