Friday, April 8, 2011

Some New Projects

I've expanded my project list with about 20 new ideas just this week. In some ways it's good. I love to be busy all the time. In some ways it's bad, because some ideas that were good just die when better ones come along because this list is so long.

Made this little owl for a friend's baby shower. I definitely love him and I'm excited to give him away as a special little gift.

And I decided that even though everyone's doing the owl trend in design and even though I swore I would never hop on that bandwagon, I do like the one I made and I might have to make 2 or 3 more. The problem is, I think people follow the owl trend and don't even know why. They just know that it's like the deer and cupcake (which I've also done) and whale trend and that they should like it. Or maybe they do know why they like it. But I doubt it. Working 2 years in marketing tells me they don't know why they "like" it, they just follow. But as a designer, I can't ignore the trends and I can't ignore the fact that I made a darn cute little owl. I just hate trends...

Did I repeat myself a bunch just then?

Lately, I've also fallen in love with applique. Maybe madly in love. This the first half of a table runner. (Triangles, another trend I can't ignore, but I've always loved geometric shapes.)

Just a new pattern for you. Thinking it'd be more for baby/girl stuff.

A new illustration. I did the drawing a while ago but hadn't digitized it until recently. It's strange yes. Probably makes you feel uncomfortable, yes, but I definitely have that creepy side to me. That's the versatility of a designer for you.

Have a great Friday!
My rabbit is showing at Eve-N-Odd Gallery tomorrow night. I can't wait to see more pictures.


  1. Google the book When You Were Small. The illustrations are so similar to the one you posted. I think yours is whimsical.

  2. @Cornelia

    I looked up the book and it looks like a must-have for sure. The illustration style is similar but I think the book looks a lot friendlier and warm. I like that :) thanks!