Thursday, June 9, 2011

Elloh Handmade x The Heart Touch Project

I worked with The Heart Touch Project last year while I still lived in California. I worked with the founder Shawnee Smith as a freelance designer doing some pro-bono work. I really liked Shawnee and the other volunteers that I met and was moved by their motivation.

From their site:
The Heart Touch Project is a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to the training and delivery of compassionate and healing touch to homebound or hospitalized, men, women and children.

I was especially moved by this because I remember when both of my parents did hospice work - they worked on call and long hours all of the time giving their care to other people and I always thought it was very noble. I still do. So for me to work with Shawnee again and in this way - through my creations that I put a lot of love into to give to people who can then love my creations - is really exciting for me.

So, I'd like to introduce you to Healing Hearts plush toys.

I have so many scraps from sewing my plush toys that I can't use them right away. I also don't want to let them go because I feel like they can still serve a purpose. So I decided to use them to make dolls to sell in my Etsy store and then donate the profits to The Heart Touch Project since I've already worked with them and I feel more personally invested than with any other non-profit organization.

The dolls even have a special Elloh x Heart Touch tag.

I'm really glad to be giving back. So go ahead, take a look at Heart Touch and all of the good they do. And then if you want, donate. And not through me...feel free to do it on their site. 

Caring and healing touch is such an important thing - vital to human beings. I'd just like to support them in their work. 


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