Tuesday, June 21, 2011

90's Skirt Refashion

I found an awesomely 90's maxi skirt at the thrift store a while back and decided that it MUST be converted into something playful. So feast your eyes...or try to...

It's ugly (maybe even fugly) and bright green and sorta floppy but I love it. Eat your heart out, Forever 21 - you can't top this!

I may have also stolen some poses from Vivat Veritas.

Oh and I forgot to tell you that we adopted another lil Chihuahua - this one is Max and he's a Chihuahua/Terrier mix. He's super tiny, only 9 months old, and my little sidekick. He hasn't quite warmed up to Jake yet, and I hope he never does!!


  1. I love it! It's sassy and fun!

  2. @gingermakes

    Thanks! I'm feeling pretty sassy in it.and a little silly haha but it's all good.

  3. @Lorena O'Neal It's super hip! Great refashion!

  4. Not fugly at all! It's super cute and summery. And how cute is Max. His tail looks like a question mark.

  5. @liza jane

    haha thanks! i'm wearing it today under a skirt and I'm starting to see the potential here.