Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend Recap

I can't say this weekend wasn't amazing. Friday, we finished work early and saw Bridesmaids. I really suggest you watch it. We laughed the entire time even though everyone else in theater, I think, was either offended or clueless. But I promise, if you're into humor, you'll like it.

Saturday, I went to Salt Lake and hung out with friends. Then Sunday was back to Salt Lake for six hours of BBQing, slip-n-sliding (my idea), live music, and fun times.

I also made Jake whole wheat pancakes from scratch on Saturday. Because I'm super wife. I definitely feel like super wife as I type this in my PJs at 11:38 AM.

Oh, and Jake mowed our lawn that was full of dandelions. Because he's super husband.


  1. how beautiful are those pictures from the weekend! we had hail and rain so I stayed in and handmade stuff. I want to watch bridemaids, I am trying to convince my hubby, we rented the fighter, i liked it, but comedies are the best :)

  2. @Andrea

    you gotta see Bridesmaids. It's not even a "chick flick". It's actually not very ladylike at all.