Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rocket Dress to Skirt

I know, it probably seems like I just got done with a giveaway but I just found out about May Giveaway Day on Sew, Mama, Sew and since I'm working on a lil something special, I decided I had to participate. So be ready - Monday, May 23 to Wednesday, May 25 - win something special. Something special that might be wearing a skirt.

Now, on to business. I have a pile of clothes that I want to refashion into wearable pieces since various parts seem to be falling apart. This "rocket" red dress (below) was just a little too big/low cut/not really my thing anymore. Since the red color is still fun, I decided to take some of the leftover knit fabric from my latest creation and change it into a skirt. And what a skirt it is.

Simple project but I'm happy to lengthen the life of this dress even if it's just for sitting on the patio all summer.


  1. Ooh, fun! I love it with the patterned waistband. Great idea.

  2. That's fantastic! I have a similar dress, which could use a little alteration like what you did here. Great job.