Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Two Shirts, No Pattern

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So I hear there's an H&M coming to Utah. Not so excited now that I know how cheaply made their clothes are. And especially now that I sew. But I probably will browse the store for ideas. Same goes for Forever 21. Or XXI or whatever they're calling it now.

On Friday, I wore a top that I really do like from Forever 21, only I realized that it was REALLY simple to make. About 20 minutes later, my sister-in-law asked me if I had sewn it; a question which reminded me that my mom asked me the same about the same shirt over Christmas break; a memory which set the wheels in motion...(semicolons?)

All I did was fold the original in half, trace, cut, sew, measure some knit for the waistband, sew, and add bias tape to the arm holes and neckline. So easy.
Here is the fabric. Pretty wacky, right? Love it. It's a slightly stretchy, thin knit.

Here's me sporting it with big hoop earrings: (btw, you'll notice a lil white piece on the shoulder in the second picture...yeah..that was the edge of the fabric where the name and the artist are printed...yeah..I'm not much of a perfectionist.)

I also took this picture, but there was just something a little off about it. Oh, that's right. I look dumb.


  1. Please send me one asap! I think it would hide my second trimester love handle explosion.

  2. @Meggan Hayes

    haha well I wore the original over to the O'Neal headquarters that day SPECIFICALLY because we were supposed to be feasting on hot dogs and smores!

  3. That is really cool! i like seeing your talentedness :)

  4. Very nice, I'm personally terrified of knits. :( How long did this take you to make?

  5. @Ashley

    I've only done a few things with knits. This one took probably 2 and a half hours to figure out. But the next one would probably only be 1 hour.

  6. This is really cute! I'm envious you used a knit fabric, my machine does not like knits at all.

  7. @Kestrel

    My machine kind of puts up a fight with REALLY stretchy stuff but both of these knits had only a little stretch. now you've got me curious to try something really stretchy again..

  8. Hello! Congrats on being featured on BurdaStyle!
    You shirt turned out great, you are a very talented seamtress :)
    I live and cali too, and have a husband :), but I was born in Argentina, south america!
    Great blog!

  9. @Andrea

    thanks! I miss California from time to time. Looks like you are enjoying some nice sunshine out there!

  10. This looks great. They look exactly the same to me. And way to go trying out knits. Once I started sewing I was hooked. You can make some really comfortable cloths with them.