Thursday, May 12, 2011

New STUFF!!!

(Looking for my giveaway? Here it is.)

I'm not much of a runner or exerciser at all. I like to get my exercise by doing things I already like to do rather than putting myself on a schedule.

With that said, I'd like to relate my little experience this morning. Today was a self-proclaimed vacation day. I woke up, read, bugged my husband to wake up, woke up the dog to bug my husband to wake up, and decided I'd go for a jog with my little friend.

I put on my shiny new Puma shoes that I inherited from my sister-in-law due to some sizing misunderstandings, put on my little black workout top with a built-in bra, and some black shorts. I stood in the mirror and was already jazzed about how fit I was. I looked at myself, posed a few poses, and decided I'd make running an every day thing for sure; It already felt so good.

Finally, I'm outside with my dog, quickly running behind his little Chihuahua butt that can run at speeds I wasn't anticipating. About 2 minutes later, I'm running through the baseball field behind our house thinking to myself "This little SOB can run. Forever. WHY?!"

After about 20 minutes of recovery with a glass of water on the floor of our living room, I was decidedly against fitness, sweat, and feeling like my head is going to implode and that the lights may be dimming - are they even turned on? Where am I?

So there you have it. I'm Lorena, I'm 24, and I am not going to try to pretend that I'm some sort of crazy exercise person EVER again.

There's some new stuff in my shop! A cowboy bear with a vest and leather details, a silly floppy-eared bunny (fabric I designed on the ears), and...could it be?! Yes, the boyfriend with a removable beard is BACK! And I'm very excited.

I also got some more proofs of my designs from Spoonflower! Very happy with these - expect to see some fabric in my shop soon! in a month because it takes forever to get it.

Also, did any of you watch the Office, episode 23 recently? Did you see Erin's AWESOME shirt? If not, here it is:

Is there anywhere I can buy this? No, is there any way I can make this? I'm going to ponder the last question and get back to you. Any ideas? Seems simple enough - like you could just sew a little piece of fabric there to hold the top down and the bottom up. But it does look like it goes through the front of the shirt..hmmm

I love Erin and Angela's style on that show. They're always wearing something really feminine and making great color combos.


  1. He is a handsome Boyfriend :) And i totally know what you mean about working out! haha. Love your creations!

  2. I love your exercise story! I've been running 2 miles a day (on the treadmill--not "real running") since October and I played indoor soccer for 40 minutes and about died. I totally thought I was in shape.

    Anyway, about the shirt, it looks like a normal loose blouse shape with that tie. It may go all the way through the shirt or just be sewed on, on top with the edge hanging down then brought over the top and blind stitched on the inside? (Apologies, I never realized how hard it is to describe a sewing thought without pictures)

    The cowboy bear is Awesome!

  3. @Amber

    Wow. I definitely need you to show me what you mean... Sounds about right though.

  4. Hello again (I entered your giveaway and wanted to know if you had a store... AND YOU DO!! Thank you so much hehe... HAve a lovely evening well it's evening here!!

    xo Steph