Thursday, July 7, 2011

Western Shirt Redo

Let me tell you about my day so far. My blowdryer shot fire at me and then stopped blowing hot air. And that wasn't the first time fire came outta there onto my's just now causing a problem because my dryer doesn't work.

And THEN I cut my finger with thread. Yep. A good little cut that hurt and felt more like a burn. So yeah, my life MIGHT suck today. And don't tell me people have it worse. That's all subjective.

Anyway, my husband is awesome at finding sweet old clothes and wearing them regardless of trends. He recently passed on this old western beauty to me and I had my way with it.

Not the best picture but I had to post it so you could see how much of a creeper my photo-bombing dog is. Super creeper. He just wants to love...what's so wrong about that? (Everything.)

And here is the transformation:

The print is pretty manly, so I wanted to go to extra lengths to still feel girly in it. I slimmed it down A LOT so it could hug my hips and give some definition in that area. I also shortened it. (duh) I cut the sleeves, shaped them more, and added tabs to hold them up because I thought that would be more feminine than just rolling them up or making a cuff.

New favorite shirt!


  1. Where did Jake get this shirt? It looks suspiciously like one that I rescued from a Salvation Army box that my MIL packed up of her Dad's clothes after he kicked it. It looks way awesome!

  2. Ok, I've had the same thing happen with my old hair dryer. It would shoot flames like a blow torch- eventually it stopped blowing hot air. Made for exciting mornings.

    Awesome transformation! It definitely looks sweet and girly.

  3. @Meggan Hayes

    Jake says he is pretty sure he got it at Buffalo Exchange...

  4. @liza jane

    hahaha mine was a blowtorch for a second or two. Pretty scary but mostly funny.

    Thanks! I'm glad it doesn't look too boyish.