Thursday, July 14, 2011

Baseball Tee

I love baseball t-shirts but I never find any that are flattering or fit well so I decided to make one yesterday. It's a little off but a good start.

I used one of Jake's Hanes shirts in large and the red skirt I made a while back but (like I thought) haven't worn.

Used another shirt with a little more stretch for the template to resize the large tee.

I cut the sleeves where my arm pits would be to the collar, cut off the collar, and resewed the narrow shoulders.

I then cut a sleeve shape out of the red fabric had it taper outward to fit the arm holes of the big tee. Then I sewed the sleeves to the shirt.

I took some remaining red fabric and pinned right sides together to the shirt collar. I sewed that all the way around, then folded over the collar, and sewed to the inside.

Voila! A snug (maybe too snug) and girly baseball tee. I love it!!!!!(#*)@(%#*&)(#$*#@

Going to have to make more, of course.


  1. Super cute! I basically live in little boys' versions of these, but it would be fun to have a fitted version (that doesn't look like it was made for a little boy)! Great job!

  2. this turned out sooooo good! i should totally try this!