Friday, July 29, 2011

Sweetheart Heart Dress

I've been toiling away with this new project. Some hours at night, some hours in the morning. Here's my final product:

Which came from this. I chopped off the top and constructed a pretty weak sweetheart top with three darts for each boob, attached it to the skirt with piping in the middle, added elastic to the top of the back piece for extra grip (and to avoid a booby show), AND added a zipper. P.S. you can't tell but the top is navy blue with white hearts on it :)

THE most complicated thing I've made so far....and all without a pattern. My 4th design. Not bad for a prototype. But of course, if you know me at all, I didn't really do the hem very well...which makes me a terrible seamstress.

Oh well. Expect more new things next week. Have a great weekend!

(here's a picture my dad took and sent to me today. I love it!)


  1. Cute! I like the gray and navy combination. And I'm a huge fan of fun piping.

  2. @Ashley

    @liza jane

    Thanks! It could use some improvement but it's wearable and a first try so I'm happy with it :)