Friday, September 9, 2011

Story time

Still going through my stash of fabric. I rescued this awesome 80's pastel puke-fest fabric (keep in mind that I love it despite it's hideous qualities) from some pillow cases I found in Utah. Good old Utah. So great for finding ugly things old ladies gave away.

Observe, my shirt story through crappy laptop photos):


Side detail - fave part is the curved hem. I'm getting better at hemming and caring about hemming.

close up of the nausea that is my shirt. <3 There are dots. within the dots.

Is that a pocket!?!!?! Yes it is, lady. It's a pocket.

Super love this shirt because I finally got the neckline and sleeves the way I want.

Also, I have a yard of this Anna Maria Horner fabric. Not enough for a full shirt but enough for pillowcases. Or a crop top. Please weigh in your opinions. I really want to wear this bright print but i realize not everything can be a wacky shirt. or can it?

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Yes, everything CAN be a wacky shirt.

  2. I agree anything can be a wacky shirt! Especially on you... you look adorable in anything :)

  3. I say go for it! it will be unique in a great way! :P