Thursday, September 15, 2011

AMH Crop Top

Well, ladies, I took your advice and went for the wacky crop top. I'm happy with it, but it'll take some getting used to. My wardrobe is slowly going from all black/blue to color insanity. Hooray!

You ever have one of those days (I know you do) that just doesn't seem to be gelling much with you? Today is the 4th time I've had maintenance people out to my apartment to fix the damn furnace and if that doesn't entail waiting all day for them to stop in, it definitely entails having a stranger coming in and out of my house and needing me to go let them in at the front of the building because guess what? The office of the building I live in hasn't set up my intercom yet. So yeah, this morning/early afternoon has been a little bit frustrating.

On top of that, I need to get my car serviced tomorrow and am without a ride. So it's bussy-bus time for me. Not looking forward to doing that all day tomorrow.

Sorry, blogs are not for venting. They're for smiles! haha. Ugh. Life is hard sometimes and I want to punch it! Oh well.

It's a comfy lil number. I'm pleased with it. The side had a nice little curve going into the back but I had to take it in a bit , so the curve is now straight...

Anyway, that's my sewing! Hope you loved it.


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