Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I'm back!!!

Here's my new sewing station! I ended up moving into an apartment sooner than I expected (last Friday) and finally got all my unpacking done. That means that the sewing begins NOW! My next project is going to be making reusable grocery bags out of a shower curtain I won't be needing (or using - I'm so over navy blue). We'll see how it goes...

So far, Portland has been great. Beautiful, even. Yesterday I played tennis in the most GORGEOUS park ever. I've already met some people I like and Jake and I have explored various neighborhoods. I think I'll be here a while :)

Let me mention though, that I (not thinking about it) put a picture of me with long hair on on a tennis meetup group page and instantly got 3 men saying they would be more than happy to meet up and play tennis. And if you think I'm overreacting, I met up with one yesterday and he happened to be a lot older than me (his profile has no picture) and mentioned almost right away:

Oldster: You look different than your profile picture.

Me: Well, my hair is short.

Oldster: Yeah, I think that's the only thing.

You think?! UGH! I won't even go into how awkward the rest of the time was. So I came home and had some wine and changed my profile to "I'M NOT LOOKING FOR BOYFRIENDS AND NO I WON'T CHANGE MY MIND, TRUST ME. I JUST WANT TO PLAY TENNIS"

And immediately got a message from "heidi" who said "is all caps necessary? seems like you might be speaking directly to someone"

Only if that someone has a penis, heidi. Thanks for your input. I changed it to "Just looking for tennis partners - no dates :) Thanks!!" this morning anyway. I hope she sees that smiley face and knows that I'm being sarcastic in her direction.

Sorry about the rant. Had to do it.

On to sewing!


  1. Hi, I just came across your etsy shop and saw you're new to portland and like to sew. I belong to a great sewing group... though I rarely get to go lately because of my 1 year old, but wanted to tell you about it. it's a group called The Portland Sewing Circle. I highly recommend it. Super fun. Hope you're enjoying Portland! -Alanna

  2. @Alanna Risse

    Hey thanks! I've been looking for something like this. I'll take a look :)