Thursday, August 4, 2011

Stripes Stripes!

I have such an obsession (along with everyone else) with stripes these days. MUST HAVE THEM. So I bought this size large shirt from the thrift store because it was in good condition and the knit fabric feels soooo nice. Obviously, though, it's a bit of a mess for a petite girl. So I took it in on the sides and made it less batwing and more tunic.

After: (this is when Jake told me to look at the camera as if I am a tiger)

See? Ferocious. And not at all looking like a boy...sorry...that slipped out. If anything, I think I look like a mom. But definitely not a boy. Although, I'd definitely choose boy over mom. No offense, moms.

Just thought I'd show you the arms in the first pic and the drapeyness which I find flattering in the second pic.

Anyway, jokes aside, what do I do with this H&M piece of dump? (see below) It's a cowl neck dress. I'm thinking of just cutting off the skirt and creating a waistband similar to the top above.


Otherwise, have a great weekend!!!


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