Friday, February 25, 2011

Bear Skinning

A lot of good things come from thrifting, as you've seen me demonstrate. But another good thing is that you can rescue cute, cuddly, unloved, unwanted stuffed animals from the grasping, dirty, clutches of children in the thrift store. Then you can cut up the animals and put them to better use as hair for new stuffed animals and they no longer have to worry about being lame and too cute.

Our victim: Dr. Smiley Purple Pants.

We start with an incision in the butt crack because it's funny.

And then we go to town, starting with legs for long pieces. Later, the stuffing can also be harvested for the new doll.


  1. Suspense! What will purple pants become? Or, did he donate to the monster version of locks of love already?

  2. @Meggan Hayes

    haha he's already donated some purple hair to another doll.