Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Easy Scarf How-To

Whew! What a long break I took from sewing.
Here is a little how-to for the circle scarf/cowl I made a few weeks ago. (Thanks, Shannon! I totally forgot what awesome stuff I had in my stash till I went looking for something to sew up.)

I started with a quarter yard of fabric. This will make a skinny scarf. If you want something thicker, use a wider length.

Fold the scarf in half lengthwise (hotdog fold?), iron and stitch along raw edges.

Turn inside out and press.

Fold insides of one raw edge in and press. If you wanted your scarf shorter and closer around your neck, now is the time to measure and trim off excess from the end with the raw edges.

Tuck raw edges into the end with the folded in edges and stitch shut. Now separate the tube and iron out the crease in the middle to give it some volume.

ta-da! Easy right?

Now that I've gone through my fabric again I realized how many pieces I want to make into shirts. I also realized why I haven't been sewing. I've had a pattern sitting on my desk for about a month now and I really don't want to make it. I might not be all that into following patterns and more into either figuring things out or making simple shirts from wild fabric. It may be because I'm not much of a complicated dresser...Instead of ruffles and zippers, I like combining colors and texture. I also don't want to make anything into a skirt or take time to add buttons to anything...Maybe I'm just a simple sewer.

Anyway. I also had kimchi for the first time tonight and my stomach is not happy.


  1. That is a pretty nifty scarf. The sewing part looks easy enough that maybe even I could do it (still a big maybe though). And you are brave for trying kimchi, I smelled it once, just once.

  2. Completely adorable! This scarf is absolutely adorable ... I think sewing is a hobby and therefore it can not be complicated. Just enjoy the process and the finished garment.